What Are the Benefits of Delivering Excellent Customer Service on Amazon?

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Whilst sales are always going to be the most important factor in driving your success as an Amazon seller, those sales will depend heavily on how well you respond to customer queries and complaints after a sale has been made.

After all, customer support is the number 1 factor in generating positive product reviews, and you already know how important reviews are!

Bearing that information in mind, making customers feel good about your brand should be your number one aim, and providing exceptional customer service is the best way to achieve that.

So what do you need to be doing in order to deliver that exemplary customer service? This article will help show you what you need to be doing and what mistakes to avoid in order to gain the benefits associated with excellent customer service.

Respond to Pre-Sale Questions and Queries

Many sellers make the mistake of not realizing that customer service actually starts before the sale.

Several potential customers will ask a question before purchasing your item in the question and answer section of your listing. Don’t let someone who is not an expert on your product answer for you, make sure to take responsibility and answer customer questions as best you can.

The benefits of doing so are two-fold.

Firstly, if a question is asked about a potentially negative aspect of your product, you have the ability to delve into the reasons behind those product decisions. If another customer answers on your behalf, a buyer may be put off because they don’t know why the seller (you) has made the product that way.

Secondly, they may ask a question that allows you to effectively pitch your product to them. This is especially the case for technical questions that only you (as the seller) are likely to know the answer to. 

 Don’t Wait to Receive Feedback, Reach Out!

A fact that many Amazon sellers forget is that customers are more likely to leave unsolicited
feedback If their experience was negative than if it was positive.

What does this mean for you as a seller?

Be proactive! You should never rest on your laurels, always strive to make sure the customer has had a pleasant experience.

But that doesn’t mean just blasting them with emails asking them to leave a review as that can turn people off. Instead, message them and genuinely ask how they are getting on with your product. Some Amazon sellers even call some of their customers! 


Well not only will they appreciate the gesture, you may learn some crucial feedback that helps to further improve your product and gain an important edge over competing brands.

Furthermore, it may be that you are able to catch and resolve any issues they’ve been having before they leave a horrendous product review without warning.

 Respond to Issues as Fast as Possible

There’s nothing worse as a customer than buying a product, excitedly unboxing it and
finding out there is a fault, or something is missing.

If this does happen it’s imperative that your customers have a way of quickly communicating the issue to you that isn’t simply leaving a 1-star review detailing their issues.

This is where a customer service tool becomes invaluable. Using applications such as Rapid Service, sellers can quickly to respond to customer issues in real time.

This is crucial because it reduces the risk of receiving negative product reviews and makes a customer feel valuable since they are receiving instant help with solving whatever issues they are having with your product.

A customer who has had a problem promptly and effectively dealt with is much more likely to leave a positive review than one that has suffered no problems at all.  

Stay Professional at All Times

Unfortunately, in this modern age it is nearly impossible to please everyone. There will be times when you have to bend over backwards to help a customer and it still won’t be enough for them.

In these instances, it’s vital to remain calm and professional. If you get irate and unprofessional with your responses, then it is likely that you are going to incur the wrath of that particular customer through both negative Amazon seller feedback and a poor product review.

If the customer oversteps the mark and becomes abusive, you can always raise it with Amazon who can take whatever action they deem appropriate.

How Rapid Service Can Help Deliver Outstanding Customer Service

AMZ Tracker have teamed up with Rapid Service to deliver the ultimate tool in customer service, currently used by over 10,000 FBA sellers on the Amazon platform. 

The integrated support tool allows sellers to provide a QR code with their products, so that should a customer have any issues, all they need to do is scan the code (no app required) and they will be immediately be put through to a customer service chat.

This gives sellers the ability to talk customers through any issues they may be having, in real time! What is more, Rapid Service is available as an iOS and Android app so you can always be connected to your customers whilst you are on the move.

Finally, it gives sellers the ability to handle all of their Amazon messages in one location for up to 8 marketplaces, with automatic language translation included.

Wrap Up

As previously stated, excellent customer service is crucial to your success as a seller on the Amazon platform. Failure to commit to providing superior customer support could lead to rival sellers leaving you behind, so make sure to give it the attention it deserves. 

You can make a start on your journey to building brand loyalty and customer satisfaction by using the Rapid Service tool today.

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