Top 5 Tips on How to Increase Amazon FBA Conversions

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In this article we cover the top 5 tips for conversion optimization of your Amazon listings. Having a great offering with good reviews and a competitive price can help increase the number of people who look at your product and buy.

Tip 1 Price

When we first launch on Amazon we use a price that makes sense to us. Maybe you priced your item a little lower than the competition, maybe a little higher. But until you actually test the price you have no way of knowing which price works the best.

I have had some products where increasing the price resulted in more sales and more profits. Other products did well when I lowered the price.

Another really important factor to consider when choosing your price is the stage of your Amazon product. If you are just launching a brand new product – then the most important metric you need is sales velocity.

This is where a tool like AMZ Tracker really helps – as the extra sales you get from promoting your product on helps to get you extra sales which in terms improves your sales velocity and ranking.

If your Amazon product is more established then your goal should be to optimize profits. Selling 500 units at a higher price might make you a lot more money then selling 1000 units at a low price. It all depends on your market.

The secret is to test different prices to see what works best for your product.

Tip 2 Reviews and Rating

When someone is searching on Amazon the first things they will see are the price, main image and also the number of reviews and review rating.

When I am looking for products to buy for myself – I nearly always avoid any products under 4 stars. I also look for products with a lot of reviews compared to the other items.

It is really hard to get a lot of reviews so focus first on getting high ratings. 10x 5 star reviews is a lot better than 1000x 3 star reviews.

Ways to increase your review rating include providing great customer service, having a great quality product, responding quickly to negative feedback and offering to part or fully refund customers.

There are several strategies you can use to increase reviews, one of which is running special promotions using AMZ Tracker.

Generally the more reviews you have and the higher the rating the more sales you will get and it definitely has an impact on your conversion rate.

Tip 3 Photos

The first thing people see is your main product photo in the search results. That is what attracts customers to click on products. But it’s having great high-resolution images showing the benefits of the product which will convince them to buy your item.

Invest into your product images. If your conversion rate goes from 10% to 20% and you go from selling $5000 a month to $10000 a month – the increase has made you an extra $5000 a month in revenue. So it is worth spending $300, $500 or even more to make your listing amazing.

Use professional photos with creative text highlighting the benefits of the product and how customers might use it in their everyday lives. Also highlight the specifications, quality and what makes your item unique.

Tip 4 Features

Ok, so someone has landed on your product listing. Your images look great. Next they are going to scan your main features and benefits. The best strategy here is to highlight the 3 or 4 main things people look for when buying this type of product.

I check the reviews of my top 10 competitors. I read what customers say is good and bad about the items. I also check their features and listing pages. Doing this gives me a really clear idea of what the top 3 or 4 main benefits are for customers. I then use this on my listing.

It is important to also include any key specifications about the product that customers might want to know, a money back guarantee and also a call to action asking them to buy today.

It is hard to write great sales copy so use a professional writer for this and be sure to include all your top keywords here too.

I have found updating the text on my product page can increase my conversions fairly quickly and also help Amazon to index me. To see what keywords you are actually ranking for – head over to the ranking features inside AMZ tracker.

Tip 5 Description

If a customer has made it to your description then they are very close to buying. It’s your chance to highlight additional benefits about the product, expand on the features and again use a call to action to get them to buy today.

Use as much text as you need to explain all the benefits of your product.  Bold key points, and use caps to highlight key information.

Enhanced Brand Content can really bump up conversions too – so be sure to trademark your brand and also apply to have EBC on Amazon.


Conversion rate is really important. Not only does it affect your ranking on Amazon but it has a massive impact on profits. If you only have 1000 people looking at your product each month and 10% buy – that is 100 sales. But a 30% conversion rate means you basically just tripled your profit – without getting any extra customers. I recommend checking out the rank tracking features in AMZ Tracker and definitely using their promotions to help boost your sales ranking.

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