Rapid Service User Guide

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  1. Sign in
    -Enter your AMZ Tracker account email and password.
    -Accept our terms of service.
    -Click “Sign In”.
    (For the first time, you need to set up your photo and name)

  1. Change your profile and sign out
    -Click the profile icon in the bottom left of your screen to update your photo and nickname.
  1. Make QR code
    -Click the QR code shape(second one) in the menu.
    -Enter your product brand name, (so that your buyers can see who they are chatting with) .
    -Enter your product name or model.
    -Click “Make QR code”, then here comes it.
    -Click “Save and get started”, then it will download the QR code (for you to design it and paste it on product).
    Why need to design the code properly?
    -Designing the code according to your product to draw buyers’ attention to scan the code to chat with you. Also, you can design it on your product warranty card.


  1. Translation(support all official languages around the world)
    -When sending and receiving messages you can hit translate to convert any message into your native language. eg: Buyer send English to you, your browser language(native language) is Spanish, it can translate English into Spanish. Also, it can translate your native language into English and reply to buyer.


  1. Collection of live chat buyers
    -The live chat buyers’ page allows you to search for buyers by name, product problem, or custom tags. Hit the export button to download lists of buyers in excel file.


  1. Manage Amazon messages ( supports 8 marketplaces: US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Japan).
    -Before that, you need to connect your Amazon account first.
    -Click “Account management center”, and fill in all the information:

    -After connection, your buyer messages will be received and handled on Rapid Service directly:

    Note: if buyer doesn’t have an order, there will be no order information on the right.


  1. Manage official website support emails(supports 8 emails now).
    -Before that, you need to connect your support email first.
    -Click “Account management center”, choose “Official website emails” and fill in all the information:

    -After connection, your can handle support emails on Rapid Service directly:
  1. Auto-Reply feature (for live chat channel): Turn on auto-reply feature, system will reply your buyers’ messages automatically.
    How to turn it on?
    Enter your template.
    -Turn on auto-reply ( switch the button to purple color ).
    -Click “Save”.
    How to turn it off?
    -Go to settings and switch the button to gray color.
    -Click “Save”.

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