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How to Maximize Trends to Make More Amazon Sales

Every seller knows that Q4 is the biggest quarter.

Yet very few sellers know their customers ’ buying trends for the other three quarters. Not only that. Most sellers don’t know when their individual product trends within their market.


5 Productivity Hacks for FBA Sellers

If you think you could be working harder on your Amazon store… you’re probably right.

Most of us struggle with productivity. And it can be a big problem. Any work not done today needs to be done tomorrow. That means the more you procrastinate, the longer it will take you to actually see any success.


The Most Important FBA Numbers Every Successful Amazon Seller Watches Like a Hawk

Succeeding on Amazon takes a lot of different parts working together perfectly. The problem is, most sellers don’t even know what all of these parts are.

And Amazon doesn’t exactly make it easy for us. Amazon Seller Central is comprehensive, but confusing. To really find out the health and status of your store can be a nightmare. And, since it’s always changing, you’ll have to do it again and again.


How to Shatter Your Store’s Sales Records This Black Friday

Every year, tens of thousands of shoppers flood Vipon on Black Friday looking for deals.

This year, we’re making it easy for sellers to funnel those buyers onto their Amazon listing. This will skyrocket your BSR and bring you a flood of new sales (many of which will lead to reviews).


The History of Black Friday

Black Friday is one of our favorite holidays. Because if you’re smart, you can get incredible deals on amazing products.

But have you ever wondered how Black Friday came to be?


A Simple, Science Backed “Mind-Hack” to Grow Your Sales This Month

If you would like a simple way to boost your Amazon sales this month, this article was written for you.

But fair warning: what you’re going to read is nothing “technical”. It’s not a complex hack or trick to get Amazon’s A10 algorithm to show your product more. And it has absolutely nothing to do with getting more reviews.


How to Turn Around a Faltering Amazon Listing

So you did your research and you launched your product. But some time has passed and you’re still not seeing the results you want.

Well, today’s article can help. I’ll show you how to diagnose the problem, and give you several actionable ways to fix it.


Why Every Amazon Seller NEEDS a Converting Website

These days, you can launch an entire brand on Amazon. Even if you don’t have a website of your own! That’s because Amazon has millions of buyers visiting the site every day. If Amazon likes your product page, they’ll send some of those buyers to your listing.

However, if you don’t have a website, you’re leaving money on the table. And it’s not in an obvious way. That’s why in today’s article, I’ll be discussing the importance of having the right kind of website to back up your Amazon brand.

Amazon Can Send You Thousands of Visitors

Think about how you use Amazon. If you stumble upon a product you want at a good price, but you don’t know the brand, what do you do first? Chances are, you turn to google. You search the name of the brand and see what comes up.

As your product starts ranking on Amazon, a good chunk of the people who take a look at it will search for your brand on Google. If nothing comes up, this hurts your chances of making the sale, because you don’t look like an established brand.

On the other hand, if you have a beautiful, active, engaging website, it can do more for selling your product than the best bullet points and product description in the world. That’s because on your website, you’re not limited to Amazon’s rules. You can write about your product for days. You can feature all kinds of videos and testimonials.

You Can Build an Email List

Although it’s great Amazon sends buyers to our product pages, we’re limited in how we can interact with them. Even if we get 1,000 people to buy on Amazon, that’s basically the end of our business with them. That’s because Amazon doesn’t allow us to get in touch with them for sales purposes after they buy!

This can create a risky business. Sure, as long as Amazon likes you, you can make money. But if Amazon ever ranks a product above yours, your business can disappear overnight!

Since people will be googling your brand, though, this is your opportunity to get their email address. The best way to do this is to offer some “bait” right on your homepage. For example, if you’re selling a skin cream, you can offer a free guide… “27 Ways South Korean Girls Keep Their Skin Youthful For Their Entire Life”.

The catch? People only get the guide if they give you their email. The more sales you make on Amazon, the more your email list will grow. You can then have an asset you can market to that you actually OWN. Eventually, you’ll even be able to use this list when you launch a new product. This is the key to ranking well on Amazon right out of the gate.

You Can Sell At Higher Prices

This one is a little more subtle. On Amazon, it’s all about competing by price. That’s because every customer can see how much you charge, and compare it with how much everyone else charges.

On your own website, things are different. You ONLY have your products. And you can do a complete sales job for each one. Of course, if your prices on your website are higher than on Amazon, most people will just buy on Amazon.

HOWEVER… you can use the tip I mentioned before this one again here. In other words, you can provide free bonuses to people who buy your products on your website.

Back to our skin care example, you can offer 2-3 guides + a free makeup brush IF they order  a from your website. They may pay $10 more on the site, but the guides make it worth it for them. And since the guides are PDFs and cost you absolutely nothing to duplicate and distribute, you increase your margins on your products by doing very little.

Also, if the customer does decide to buy, you can immediately show them an upsell. So if they buy a skin moisturizer, they may also want your specialty cream for Acne. Amazon will show both products, but they will also show competing brands.

This is just one more way that having your own website puts you in the drivers seat of your business.

Closing Thoughts

At AMZ Tracker, we love Amazon. And, I’m sure you love amazon too. However, it’s important to keep in mind just how much power Amazon has over our livelihoods. If they decide to change something in their algorithm… or flag our products for some reason… it can be lights out.

By having your own brand website, you not only take advantage of free traffic amazon sells you, you also gain a total new level of control over your finances. These days, making a website is simple and you can do it yourself in under a week. So don’t put it off!

CASE STUDY: How to Launch a $500,000/Month Brand on Amazon

It’s hard to compete on price these days.

Someone can always make it cheaper. And even if you think you have the cheapest price, it’s not long before someone comes and steals your listing right from underneath your nose. All your hard work gone unless you want to destroy your margins.