Master These “Little Details” to Beat Out Bigger Amazon Sellers

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Amazon can be a game of inches. By that, I mean the difference between a jackpot product and one that loses money is just a few rankings. To squeeze out those extra rankings, top sellers pay attention to tons of tiny details most sellers miss.

They take the time at every stage in the process to be creative. To figure out new ways to get the customer’s attention. And, they also make the most of the tools available, to take their thinking to the next level.

In today’s article, I’m going to talk about five seemingly small details you can use to get a big edge of your competition, even if they are much bigger than you. 

1. Buyer Focused Keyword Research

In a way, your success on Amazon boils down to keywords.

If you’re ranking well for popular keywords, your store will get a flood of sales. If you’re not, it’ll be a trickle, if anything at all.

Yet most sellers don’t spend enough time on keyword research. They may use a few tools and copy and paste those keywords, and stop there. But the thing is, the tools often miss the low search, low competition buying keywords.

The best way to get buying keywords is looking through social media. See how people talk about your products or similar products.

For example, you may be selling a thermos. But did you know a rare word for thermos is “bota”? It’s true. No keyword research tool will tell you that. Living in your market will. These keywords won’t make you rich overnight, but with enough over time, you’ll get more reviews and your BSR and rankings will start to increase.

2. Real Time Sales Tracking

Amazon is a great way to make money, but it has its challenges. One day you may feel like your store is doing amazing and will be for a long time. And then the next your rankings could drop and you’re left scratching your head.

Problems come up on Amazon all the time. What matters is how fast you respond to them. That’s why top amazon sellers use real time tracking tools to check their sales throughout the day.

When they see a spike, they can figure out where it’s coming from and try and maximize it. When they see the number fall, they reverse engineer it and tackle the problem as quickly as they can.

With real time sales tracking, you can monitor the health of your store from anywhere in the world.

3. Customer Support

Customer service isn’t just a phone call or email – it’s a philosophy. At every part of the customer experience, you have the chance to surprise. On the product page, you can use copywriting to tell your brand story in vivid detail. You can use humor and personality to make your product come to life.

You can write a thank-you note to the customer and include it in the packaging. If a customer leaves a bad review, you can call them up and handle it personally.

When you take this kind of care of your customers, it leads to better reviews, and word of mouth sales.  

4. Market Research

Have you ever called one of your customers? Top sellers do it all the time. Why? To find out exactly what made the customer buy. And, to find out what else they’re interested in.

A best-selling Amazon brand involves more than one product. By talking to your customers regularly, you can figure out other products you can offer.

But talking to your customers can lead to something even more valuable. When you listen closely to how your customers talk about your product, you will find all kinds of language you can use on your amazon product description.

For example, if you find 10 people all saying they loved that the thermos was the perfect size for cupholders, you can actually use that as a bullet point! You can then speak directly to people based on what they are really looking for.

5. Create A “Lead Magnet”

Many people who find your product on Amazon will search for it on Google. They want to learn more about your brand from another source.

If you have a website, Google will usually direct them to it. This is the perfect time to get the email address of a hot prospect! How? By offering them something they want.

For example, for our thermos, we could write a guide called, “how to know exactly how much water to drink every day to have maximum energy and health!”.

If they want this guide, they can enter in their email and you will send it to them. This way, by ranking on Amazon, you can actually start to build a list of people to market to. This can help you make more sales on current products, or even launch a brand-new product. 

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