How to Win on Amazon FBA

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Your product listing has to stand out from the competition. In this article we cover the top 7 winning strategies for selling on Amazon.

Tip 1 Bundle Products

You can increase the perceived value of your product by adding an extra inexpensive product to your listing.

Think about what items complement your product and try to bundle the item together.

For example, if you’re selling a garlic press you can throw in a free bottle opener for less than $0.50. By offering more than your competition you’re more likely to get the sale.

Imagine you are selling a tripod for a camera. You could add in a free camera bag or camera cleaning cloth to make your item feel more valuable to customers.

Choose items that are small and light so they don’t increase your freight and FBA fees too much.

Tip 2 Run Promotions

It is really important to use promotions to boost your sales. Even if your item is selling well, promotions help you maintain a high sales velocity.

Offer discounts of 10% to 50% or more to entice new customers. Promote these products using Facebook ads and discount review sites. A great tool for this is AMZ Tracker which has millions of shoppers visiting Vipon. You can also build a private email list of potential customers using great content.

Consider giving away 100 to 200 products at large discounts over a period of 20 to 30 days to rapidly increase your sales and reviews. If you give away 50 products at the start of each month it will boost your sales and rankings above your competitors.

Tip 3 Pay Per Click

Most sellers turn on Amazon advertising and then forget about it. You might get a good return on investment from your automatic campaigns. But the only real way to win on Amazon PPC is to continually optimize your keywords and ad budgets.

Sales through advertising will help to boost your organic sales. It is important to monitor your pay-per-click activity and results on a weekly basis. You can also use Amazon PPC to help get you to page 1 by increasing your budget and spending on pay-per-click.

Once your product sales have increased and the organic rank is stable, you can reduce the costs by re-optimize your ads.

Tip 4 Sell Multiple Products

If one product is selling well, consider adding a second listing with a different offering. For example, if your main product is a metal garlic press, you could add a second garlic press made of black rubber and try to take another spot on the first page. This strategy works best for markets with big volume.

There is a way to leverage your existing listing and test a better version of your product. We cover that next.

Tip 5 Parent-Child

You can use parent-child listings to dominate rankings. This lets you sell multiple variations under 1 listing. This way you can have the same item with different bundles at different price points.

For example, you can price 1 item really low and the others at normal price. When users search they will see a price range, say from $5 to $30, which will entice them to click your product in the hope of snapping up a bargain. By having 1 low price item attached to your listing, Amazon displays a range of prices.

This strategy basically lets you set a lower price in Amazon’s search results.

Tip 6 Price

Keep your margin relatively small so that you can keep your price low, since most shoppers on Amazon are price-conscious. Drive down your costs, reduce the size of your packaging, and do everything you can to keep your listing competitive in your niche.

Calculate your break even price and use this for the first few weeks at least to get traction on the platform. Yes, you will miss out on profits for the first few months but in the long run, being ranked on page 1 will more than make up for the initial losses.

Tip 7 Marketing

The more off-Amazon marketing you do, the more likely you are to dominate because most sellers do not do this. Each customer you bring to your listing from facebook, instagram or other platforms will boost your rankings. This can be a lot of work to set up at first but this is the way top sellers dominate niches over time and stay at the top. Learn how to use facebook ads to bring in fresh traffic to your product.


There are many ways to make your product better than the competition. The problem is many sellers are lazy. After launching they do minimal optimization to their listing. But, this is great for you. If you follow these strategies you will eventually win in the niche because of the extra effort you put in. Effort in equals profits out in the long term.

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