How to Use Rapid Service to Increase Your Amazon Review Rating

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On Amazon, it’s all about reviews.

As a seller, you’re probably well aware of this fact. It was even proven by Cornell University that the more positive reviews a product or service has on ANY platform (including Amazon, Trip Advisor, Yelp, etc), the more revenue that product or service generates.

It’s common sense, right? The more positive feedback you get, the more money you make.

Yet few Amazon sellers really see just how connected they actually are. ANY time you can increase your number of positive reviews—or decrease the negative reviews that are bringing your rating down—the more revenue you will end up making.

Today, I want to talk about how Rapid Service will use this philosophy to directly put more money in your pocket every single month.

Why Customers Leave Negative Reviews

The #1 reason why customers leave negative reviews is because of frustration. Often, it may not even have to do with the product itself. They are trying to send a message to the company who created the product.

Maybe they tried to get in touch with you, but weren’t able to.

Maybe they can’t find your email or customer support number anywhere on the web.

When this happens, they only have one recourse: leave a negative review.

That’s why Rapid Service is designed to give them a dead-simple way to get in touch with you, no matter what. Every single product you send out will have a streamlined way for the customer to record any complaints… before they leave a negative review.

If the customer does have a frustration, with Rapid Service, it becomes EASIER for them to contact you than leave a negative review. This is the key. Because most humans would prefer to do less work than more – especially if their frustration is addressed either way.

With Rapid Service, the easiest option is to contact you.

Rapid Response Can Eliminate Some Negative Reviews Entirely

As soon as the customer reaches out to you through Rapid Response, you’re notified on your computer and phone. You’re also immediately shown the product and order number in question.

So no matter what you’re doing, you can speak to the customer immediately. It’s rare for customer service to be so attentive and responsive. This goes a long ways with your customers. When you address their concerns instantly, you have the opportunity to defuse them and either fix their problem or refund them.

Because their frustration is resolved quickly, and they have a good experience with your customer service, they have no need to leave a negative review. In fact, many will leave positive reviews as a result!

The Right “Tone” to Use on Rapid Service

When a customer reaches out to you, they will likely be in a frustrated state. Therefore, it’s crucially important that you address the root problem as quickly as possible. Acknowledge their complaint and make it clear to them that you are here to fix their problem in an efficient manner.

Assure them that their attention is extremely important to the company, and that you appreciate them reaching out. Figure out what their problem is and go above and beyond to make it right. If you absolutely can’t make it right, tell them plainly and do something else to make it better (such as giving them a discount).

What If A Customer Still Leaves a Negative Review?

As you can see, Rapid Service is a crucial tool for Amazon sellers. The better your review rating—and the more reviews you have—the more money you make. And as I’ve just demonstrated, Rapid Service can assist with both.

Yet the fact is, at the end of the day, we can’t control our customers. Even with Rapid Service, you will have some people leaving a negative review. So what should you do? Let’s get back to that Cornell study for a second.

How Responding to Reviews Boosts Revenue

In the same Cornell study, they also measured revenue based on review responses.

The study discovered that the more review responses a company had, the more their revenue shot up!

This means that taking the time to respond to every single review you have on your page—either positive or negative—with a personal, professional tone, will literally increase your revenue.

In Conclusion

Reviews are serious business. As crazy as it might sound, most Amazon sellers are not putting as big of an emphasis on increasing their review rating as they should. Especially because it’s been scientifically proven to have a direct impact on your bottom line!

Speed is of the essence when a customer is frustrated. With Rapid Service, you can respond to customers immediately. This level of attention will impress the customer, and will often prevent them from leaving a negative review in the first place. In many cases, they’ll actually leave a positive one!

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