How to Shatter Your Store’s Sales Records This Black Friday

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Every year, tens of thousands of shoppers flood Vipon on Black Friday looking for deals.

This year, we’re making it easy for sellers to funnel those buyers onto their Amazon listing. This will skyrocket your BSR and bring you a flood of new sales (many of which will lead to reviews).

We’ll be dedicating a chunk of our homepage to Black Friday deals. And we’ll also have an entire page dedicated to Sweepstakes and Giveaways.

If you’re interested in applying, click this link now.

It’s first come, first serve. So if you want to boost your BSR and flood your listing with hundreds of buyers this Black Friday, act now.

How to Increase Your Conversions on Black Friday

To help you make the most of Black Friday, we’ve put together some best practices.

Although none of these are reinventing the wheel, they’re simple and proven to work. Implement them and I know you’ll see your Black Friday sales soar even more.

Get Your Mindset Right

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Every single year, Black Friday sales grow. Last year, over $6.22 billion in sales were made online alone! This year, it’s going to be even bigger.

That being said, don’t stress about it. Black Friday takes some preparation. And if you aren’t prepared, rushing things and trying to make it work could lead to disaster. So take a deep breath and really plan this year out. Remember, worst case scenario, e-commerce isn’t going anywhere, and there’s always next year (which will be even bigger!).

Stocking Up

Juggling inventory is always a crucial part of FBA. And during Black Friday… and Q4 in general… it’s a whole new ball game.

But how much inventory do you need? If you don’t have enough, you’ll lose dozens of precious sales. If you have too much, though, it’ll end up sitting in Amazon’s warehouse costing you storage fees.

If this is your first Black Friday, how do you know?

Here is another graph for potted plants, which don’t see a spike during Black Friday:

One of the best ways to use this tool is through “buying keywords”. Usually when a customer wants to buy, they get specific. So they’re not searching “flat screen TV”. They’re searching “LG B9 OLED”. Or, they’re searching “buy LG B9 OLED”. By using one of these buying intent keywords, you can accurately measure how many BUYERS are searching on Black Friday.

Based on how much of an increase you see in the trends, you can know how much inventory you should buy. As you can see from the graphs, if you’re selling flat screen TVs, you should at least double your inventory.

Optimize Your Product Listing

One good Black Friday can change your business… and even your life. Potentially thousands of shoppers will hit your product listing page. But it won’t matter if it doesn’t convert.

Before Black Friday, make sure your product listing page is 100% optimized. This means you’re doing keyword research with buying intent keywords that are ultra-specific to your product. And you’re using these keywords in your headlines, bullets, product description, and seller central backend.

It means you use clear, high-definition pictures that showcase your product from the most flattering angle possible.

And, it means making the copy on your page engaging and persuasive. Clearly showing the advantages any customer would have for buying your product over your competitors.

Use Amazon PPC on Black Friday

Black Friday is maybe the best time of the year to run PPC ads. Why? Because on Black Friday, customers are actually looking to click ads. This means you’ll see the highest click-thru rates you’ve ever seen.

If you have a limited budget, we recommend saving your money until the week of Black Friday. If you have a larger budget, start testing Black Friday ads now. Find out what kind of copy converts the best, so that when Black Friday comes, you can crank up the budget… and the sales!

Don’t Miss Your Chance to be Featured on Vipon

That’s all for today’s article. As a reminder, we will be dedicating a big chunk of Vipon to Black Friday deals. Featuring your product on Vipon is the best way to guarantee a flood of traffic to your listing. And we’ve even discounted the price to be featured for Black Friday.

But act quick. Because there are just 20 slots available per day, and this offer is first come, first serve.

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