How to Manage Time Effectively as an Amazon Seller

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Time is an asset that is more valuable than any amount of money, since no one has ever figured out how to stop it, or create more of it.

Time limitations are often the reason Amazon sellers struggle to reach new goals, such as expanding into new countries and marketplaces, earning higher incomes, or launching new products.

Mastering your time as an online seller will help you to achieve your goals whilst reducing the amount of hours you spend working, allowing you to enjoy down time more often.

Draw Up a List of Daily Tasks and Rank Them in Priority Order

There will be items that you do on a daily basis as an Amazon seller that must be taken care of above all other tasks.

For example, it’s likely that you’ll want to check sales against inventory levels, ensuring there is enough stock, and placing an order with a manufacturer if there isn’t.

It is also likely that you will need to answer customer enquiries, these should always be marked as urgent because they are a chance to either pitch your product, or gain an excellent review by providing excellent customer service. 

Rank your daily tasks, and put the highest priority jobs first. Once you have checked them off your list, you can then move onto important but not urgent tasks, such as product research on your next venture.

Plan Your Working Day in 15 Minute Intervals 

Whilst this can take a while to set up, it’s a worthwhile endeavor.

Break down your working day into 15 minute chunks and start filling in each time chunk with a specific work-related activity. Don’t forget to include occasional breaks so that you don’t end up burning out.

Once you have finished, you will then have a framework to work within every day.

This will constantly help you to keep focused on the task at hand since you are less likely to be distracted when you know you’ve only got 7 minutes left to complete a task before starting another.

Working in 15 minute bursts has also been proven to improve productivity. 

Streamline All Selling Functions into One Location

As an Amazon seller it is likely that you have invested in some sort of software to help you with your business. In fact, you probably have a few running simultaneously, such as a keyword research tool, an inventory tool and a software program that helps with customer service.

It makes no sense to having different tools from different companies all running simultaneously, when you can have everything in one place with providers such as CASHCOWPRO.

This way you can review all of your vital information such as: sales/profits, keyword performance, customer email collection for reviews, inventory monitoring, conversion rate reports and A/B testing for your listing, all in one place.

By streamlining all of the key data to one central hub, you can see everything in one place and take care of your most important tasks much faster. This gives you the opportunity to move on to other important areas of your business that you never seem to have time to work on.

Wrap Up

Time management is critical to the success of any entrepreneur, whether you are selling online or not.

Make sure to prioritize your daily tasks and structure your working hours in a way that makes sure they all get done without any hassle.

Finally, it makes sense invest in an all-in-one software tool such as CASHCOWPRO. This software program allows you to review everything in one place, saving you precious time that you can use to develop other essential parts of your business.

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