How To Improve Your Keyword Ranking

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In this article we are going to show you some of the best strategies to improve your keyword rank on Amazon. The whole Amazon search algorithm is built around keywords. If Amazon cannot find your product then you can’t rank.

Research More Keywords

If you are not showing a keyword on your listing title, features, description or back end search terms – then you cannot rank for it.

So the most important first step is to do detailed keyword research. I recommend using Merchant Words and Google Keyword Tool together to create an initial list of keywords.

There are also great keyword suggestion tools within AMZ Tracker that can give you more ideas.

Build a list of as many relevant keywords to your product as you can. Then make sure these are included in one of the sections on your Amazon product listing page or in your backend search terms.

Check Your Keywords Are Being Indexed

The best way to check if your product is being indexed on Amazon for your main keywords is to go to then input your ASIN & “Keyword” in the search bar – using the keywords you want to check.

If your product is indexed it will show in the Amazon results for this search. If Amazon displays no results then you are not being indexed for that keyword and then need to fix your listing. There are tools to automate this check.

Track Your Keyword Ranking

Choose your 10 most important keywords that you want to rank for – and make sure to use a keyword rank tracking software to check your position for these keywords.

AMZ Tracker does this really well – and you can see how your keywords are performing on a daily basis. The tool also shows a really helpful chart so you can see how your rank is changing over time.

If you rank drops – then you need to boost the keyword performance with some of these tactics.

Use Super URLs

A super URL is basically a link to your product using a specific keyword. It looks like a user has searched for your specific product with that keyword – but instead of having to look through the results it takes them straight to your item.

If you are doing off Amazon marketing or a promotion – by using the Super URL Amazon will be more likely to rank you fro that keyword.

Advertise Your Keywords

Once your main keywords have been built into your listing and you have checked that they are being indexed then you can use Amazon PPC to rank for that keyword.

By using PPC for a set of your top 10 keywords – every sale through the advertising platform also boosts your organic rank for that keyword.


Don’t try to rank for every single keyword in your list. Instead focus on the top 5 to 10 keywords that you think have the most potential volume with least competition. You can always rank for more keywords later.

By focusing on a maximum of 10 – and doing everything possible to rank for those – you are far more likely to get to your goal.

Best Keywords

The best keywords to use for your item are usually not the number 1 volume keyword but the number 2 to 10 volume. Long tail keywords also work great.

This is because most sellers focus purely on the main keyword making it more competitive.


Make sure to spend a lot of time doing keyword research because this is the main way the Amazon search algorithm finds your products. Choose your most important keywords and use AMZ Tracker to track the rank of your listing for those keywords. Optimize by doing promotions, sales and off Amazon marketing using a Super URL (also in AMZ Tracker).

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