Facebook Marketing For Amazon FBA

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Getting extra traffic to your listing can mean the difference between failure and success. Every extra sale that comes from your off Amazon marketing boosts your rank and performance. In this article we cover the top 7 tips on marketing your Amazon products on Facebook.

Tip 1 Set Up a Brand Page

Using photos about your category, set up a brand page that will attract people in your general niche but not specifically for your product. Try to keep the topic as wide as possible to get as many different buyers to follow your page or group.

For example, if you’re selling a garlic press, set up a Facebook group for cooks and cooking. This way – more people are likely to be interested and it should cost much less to market to them.

Tip 2 Daily Content

The secret to building a group is to offer great content on a daily basis. It is hard to keep people’s attention so focus only on sharing images and articles that really resonate with your audience.

Don’t try to sell sell sell. Search the Internet and Facebook for useful content that your users will like and repost it within your group.

Try to share things that add value to your members, and not silly photos.

Tip 3 Set Up Targeted Ads

It’s much cheaper to advertise to your own group than total strangers. The ROI can be really high on these types of ads. Also – if you set up your group right – there will be many buyers in your group that hadn’t specifically been looking for the product but now that you are offering a deal – they jump over to Amazon and buy.

First build your group to a decent size by sharing useful content. Then you can switch on targeted ads aimed at the people within your group. Ideally you want to get to a few hundred members or more before running any promotions or advertisements.

Tip 4 Don’t Try to Sell Directly

We’re all bombarded by advertisements and people claiming that buying their product will change our world.

Instead of pushing a product on your group, give a few members a discount or free item and ask them to talk about it to your group. People trust referrals and word of mouth much more than your direct sales message. Start by asking for 10 people, and if there is more demand you can expand the offer later.

Tip 5 Single Use Coupon

Make sure when setting up a promotion on Amazon that you use single-use coupons only, and that you uncheck for the promotion to be displayed on your page.

You don’t want customers to see the code for a free or heavily discounted item. You can also share your AMZ Tracker deal to your own facebook group to get more people interested and buying your product. Remember not to overload your group with sales messages but share things people will like 9 out of 10 posts.

Tip 6 Keep Building Your List

Keep targeting a wider audience and find pictures, news stories and reports to share with them.

Instead of trying to sell to them, try to make them want to log in every day to see what valuable content you are sharing. Build up trust with your audience so that when you recommend something they want to buy.

Also – try to get members to interact with your posts by asking for comments or for their opinion on something. The more people interact and are engaged the more likely they are to buy your product when you do promote it to them – as you have built the trust already.

Tip 7 Best Type of Post

Studies show that sharing link posts in the evening with your own custom image will lead to the greatest amount of interaction with your fan base. So create a compelling blog story and use Facebook to share the info. You do not always have to create 100% unique posts.

People are interested in learning about new trends, products and ideas – so as you come across these share them.

This is also a great way to get new product feedback – as you can share your ideas with your own audience before ever launching the product. The more say they have on your product in the early stages of development the more likely they are to buy later too.

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