Email Marketing for Amazon FBA

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Email is still one of the highest converting marketing channels. And it costs almost nothing to send an email. All the content can be automated and potentially drive extra sales and reviews for your products.

In this article, we are going to cover the top 7 tips on using email marketing to boost your profits and performance on Amazon.

Tip 1 Product Feedback
The very first step in optimizing your email marketing is to get an email out to new customers who have ordered your product.

Use a service like CashCowPro to automatically send your customers an email when the product has been shipped or delivered. This will help you prevent negative feedback because customers can respond to you directly and resolve any issues without posting a negative review of your product.

It’s really easy to set up and this one thing alone can boost your review rate by 100 to 300% or more.

Tip 2 Seller Feedback

Create a template to email anyone who leaves you a five-star seller review and ask for a product review also. If they left you a great seller review they’re more likely to give you a five-star product review too.

You can drop buyers an email through seller central.

Tip 3 Dealing with Customer Issues

Turn issues into positive reviews and sales. How?

After replying promptly to customer issues and offering refunds for defective products, you can ask the customer if they are happy with your service. If they give you a positive reply, you can then ask them to leave a review of your customer service on the product page.

Each new positive review improves your rating, ranking and conversion on Amazon. It’s essential you prevent negative reviews and maximize the opportunity to get positive reviews. Maybe only one in 100 customers leaves a review, so you have to work extra hard to get a higher review rating.

Create templates to deal with all the common issues that come up so that you can respond super fast. Templates also allow you to outsource the customer service – as your team can use pre-approved text for responses.

Tip 4 Building a List

Amazon hides customer emails from you. It is better to start to build your own email list of customers so that you can run promotions to them or to launch new products. A tool like AMZTracker helps you shortcut this process and get your product in front of millions of shoppers.

Use advertising on Facebook to build an email list of potential customers. Do this by requesting they like your page or group, not by promoting your product, but by focusing on the niche. For example “if you love cooking, like this” is better than “like my spatula”.

Once you have built up a large social media following you could offer them discounts on a landing page where you can collect the email in return for a coupon or e-book. This puts the email list of your clients back in your control.

Tip 5 Insert Cards

Offer customers an extended warranty or Amazon coupon if they visit a website address printed on an insert card included with your product.

This will help you build a list of all your existing customers. Then, when you launch a new item, you can let them know about it and offer them a special repeat customer bonus discount.

As we mention below, be careful to follow all Amazon’s Terms and Conditions when contacting customers or using insert cards.

Tip 6 Keep it Friendly
Keep your email short and friendly and to the point, whether for customer service or when you’re running promotions. Use a professional email copywriter to maximize the conversions of your emails.

You should write emails as though you were writing to a friend. That way they will resonate with people. Nobody likes emails that sound too corporate.

Tip 7 Be Careful, Follow TOS Rules
Amazon has very strict rules about contacting customers or sending them to links off-Amazon.

Make sure you’re not offering them a discount on products sold elsewhere. Keep the offers relevant to Amazon. If you are not sure, double-check with two or three different Amazon seller central help desk staff to make sure you are not breaking any Amazon rules.

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