CASE STUDY: How to Launch a $500,000/Month Brand on Amazon

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It’s hard to compete on price these days.

Someone can always make it cheaper. And even if you think you have the cheapest price, it’s not long before someone comes and steals your listing right from underneath your nose. All your hard work gone unless you want to destroy your margins.

Or… there’s another option:

You can build a brand

Brands are the ultimate business model for amazon. Because it actually gives you some leverage for price. With the right brand, customers will pay extra for the privilege of buying. And they’ll leave glowing reviews that will lead to thousands of extra sales. 

There’s just one catch: brands aren’t easy to make.

That’s why today, I’m going to break down the branding of a product that earns over $400,000 revenue per month. Then, you can do the same with your products

From $0 to $400,000 in Less Than 6 Months

Natrogix Bliss was launched over the course of 3 months. Within 6 months of launch, its BSR was below 100 for Beauty & Personal Care. Almost two years later, it generates over $400,000 a month in revenue like clockwork.

Start With the Brand in Mind

The key to this product was starting with the brand in mind. The team first analyzed the top performers in the market, buying the products and using them. By immersing themselves in the products, they became their own customers.

From that point, it was easy to see how they could improve the experience.

Discover What Your Customers Care About

The only way to build a brand is to know your customer. When you find out what the customer cares about, you can give that to them – and they will love buying from you.

With Natrogix Bliss, the team did some deep research on the target market. They found the customer to be highly health conscious, involved with yoga, eastern spirituality, and alternative cures. So, the team designed Bliss to evoke the sense of natural serenity these people identify with deeply.

The Importance of Packaging

You can have the best idea for a brand… if your packaging is bad, your customer won’t look twice at the brand. 

For the customer to remember us, we need to give them a “pattern interrupt”. We all know what it’s like to tear open packaging without a thought to what it looks like. That’s our routine. The only way that changes is if something catches us by surprise.

Great Packaging is a Review Magnet

If you look at the reviews for Natrogix Bliss, you’ll find that a huge percentage of them mention the packaging. That’s because it’s surprising to get a product on Amazon with this level of quality.

This kind of positive experience actually motivates people to leave positive feedback. It forms a relationship between customer and product. You won’t get that when all you compete on is price.

How Natrogix Bliss Was Designed

Natrogix Bliss was designed to stand out. It features a beautiful, luxury quality box — like what you would get from Apple or a designer brand. It’s a purple hue that is relaxing and pleasing. Over the top of this box is a cardboard sleeve. This was laser cut with a beautiful design.

Put together, Natrogix Bliss is beautiful. Not only is it a product customers value, it makes for the perfect gift.

Premium Packaging For Practically Nothing

Now, you might be thinking that packaging is great… but expensive.

Usually, that’s the case. To get packaging like Natrogix Bliss would destroy your margin, making it impossible to compete.

If you order it in China, you can cut packaging costs down. A lot. In fact, the packaging for Bliss was actually cheaper, than the lowest quality packaging made in the USA. That’s right – higher margins, more reviews, a customer relationship, and the ability to charge a higher price in the market.  

(If there is interest, we’ll write a comprehensive guide on exactly how you can get your packaging made in China.)

Natrogix Bliss Launch

When all the branding and production was finished, Bliss launched on Amazon. Initially, promotion was done with both PPC ads and deal websites. Since the customers enjoyed the product, this promotion had a huge ROI. As more customers bought the products, they left more reviews highlighting the quality. This caused more customers to buy, increasing the BSR, until it was under 100.

The Team at Natrogix Uses AMZ Tracker

As you can see, what Natrogix did wasn’t impossible. Any Amazon seller can do it. It just takes careful planning in the beginning, and the right attention to detail.

Attention to detail is why the Natrogix team uses AMZ Tracker. With Unicorn Smasher, they identified essential oils as a rising market. With the keyword research tool, they were able to optimize their listing for organic traffic.

After launching, Natrogix used AMZ Tracker to reply to customer reviews as quickly as possible.

Not every seller focuses on these details. But the sellers who do use AMZ Tracker to get the edge over their competition. You can sign up for a free 7-day trial of AMZ Tracker by clicking this link.

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Happy selling!

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