Amazon Promo Codes – How to Limit Your Max Order Quantity

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In this article you will learn how to limit the Max Order Quantity of a listing to protect your inventory when running a promotion

When creating your codes, we have always recommended that you do choose the $OFF codes.
The $OFF codes ensure that customers can’t take advantage of your codes by getting a discount on their entire order if they choose to buy multiple quantities of your promotional product.

Recently, Amazon made another change to their promo codes. They removed this option and now only allow %OFF codes to be created via your Seller Central account. So, now that you only have the %OFF option, we have put together a guide to help you get around this, to ensure you were still able to limit you max order quantity.

Although you cannot limit the quantity of products to be purchased when using a percentage off code, you can limit the Max Order Quantity of a listing. This means, the shopper cannot purchase more than the quantity you set in the backend of a single order.

Follow this step-by-step guide

  1. Can you find Max Order Quantity in “Edit details” when editing your listing in your Seller Central Account?
    If so, then go ahead and set the max order quantity there, which will limit any orders (including non-promo) to the max quantity you decide to set this to.
  2. If you don’t have this option, you will need to follow the instructions below. Sellers can choose to bulk upload products to Amazon using “Add Products via Upload”.

To use this function, you will need to download a spreadsheet from your Seller Central account to your device.
For some product groups, you’ll find a Max Order Quantity column in the spreadsheet you downloaded.

See below to follow the process:

  1. In your Seller Central account, click on the ‘Inventory’ tab
  2. In the dropdown menu, go to “Add Products via Upload”


  1. Now, you should see this screen below:


  1. Search for the category that your product is in, under ‘Search for product or category(box highlighted in red, at the top)
  2. Once you select your category, select the ‘+’ tab (highlighted in red underneath the search box)
  3. Next, click on “Generate Template” button (bottom right of the page), which will download your template as a Excel File
  4. Open the file that you have just downloaded (image below) and go to the ‘Template’ sheet at the bottom:


  1. Now, go ahead and fill in the following fields with the relevant information and save this on your computer.
  • Item_SKU
  • External_Product_ID
  • External_Product_ID_Type
  • Brand_Name
  • Manufacturer
  • Update_Delete
  • Max_Order_Quantity

Your file should look a little something like this, after you have completed all the necessary fields:


Important Note: Under the ‘Update_Delete field, remember to put “PartialUpdate (see below) in here otherwise the system will wipe the whole listing and only re-fill in the info that’s offered in the Template sheet.


And, under the ‘Max_Order_Quantity’, you can insert the max number of units you want to set here for your order, per customer.


  1. When you have completed the process above, save the file on your computer and go back to your Seller Central account to upload the Template.

You’ll still need to open the ‘Add Products via Upload’ tab.

  1. Choose ‘Check and Upload your Inventory File’ tab (box highlighted in red, at the top)
  2. Then go to ‘STEP 2 UPLOAD FILE’.


Select the template you want to upload from your computer and set the Processing Report (Output) Format as Excel

  1. Click ‘Upload’
  2. Now wait a few minutes while your listings update

Once you have done this, your customers will receive the following message, if they try to select a quantity that is above the max quantity you have set.


Please Note: This max order quantity will apply to ALL your orders (including the non-promo purchases). So, you might want to undo this process, once your promotion is over.

We also have a video version below that will run you through the process step by step.


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