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Amazon Products to Avoid in 2021

Any great Amazon business starts with great products! Try to find a product you really like & make it better than the competition. 

The days of just copying are over…you have to make your item the best in the niche. But before you launch…in this article we are going to cover the top types of product you should avoid selling on Amazon.

Tip 1 Electronics

This is still the most challenging type of product on Amazon. There’s a lot that can go wrong with any electronic product. Also there is a LOT of competition for top electronics products.


Secrets for Amazon FBA Product Descriptions

Optimizing your listing can lead to a boost in conversion rate. If you can double conversions you make double the profits, all with the same traffic. In this article we cover the top secrets to creating great product descriptions for items you sell on Amazon.

Secret 1 Call to Action
Always end the product description with a call to action for customers to buy your product.

You can suggest that they get one for themselves and one for a friend and add it to their cart today and buy now. Numerous studies have shown salespeople who ask for the order at the end of the presentation boost sales by hundreds of percent.

So it’s reasonable to assume that asking customers to buy will also result in more sales, and most sellers using these tactics have found that it does.

Secret 2 HTML
You can use HTML to bold key text, space out paragraphs and bullet points, and improve the overall readability and format of your description.

There is still some debate about whether or not it’s allowed, but if you only use it for these simple tasks there will be no issue with Amazon.

By making key benefits bold with HTML you make it easier for readers to skim through your listing and catch all the key points. But don’t bold everything.

Focus instead on the 4 or 5 key points that will convert potential customers to buyers.

Secret 3 Keywords
The description is a great place to add in more relevant keywords for your listing.

You have more than 1000 characters to write about your product so you can sprinkle an additional 5 to 10 major keywords throughout the description without affecting the natural flow of the sales copy.

Secret 4 Copywriter
As with your features and title, use a professional copywriter to complete your description.

They can turn ordinary text and keywords into a compelling description of the benefits of your product for the customer.

Secret 5 Extended Benefits
The five bullet points for features are quite limited in terms of what you can say.

Use the description area to go into more detail on the extended benefits of the product. You can also include additional features and benefits with a more detailed overall specification for the product so the customer has everything they need to know in one easy-to-read place.

Secret 6 Highlight the Discount

Use an inflated manufacturer’s suggested retail price in the backend of your listing.

So if your product is selling for $30, but the recommended retail price is $40, users will see a 25% discount highlighted by Amazon. Mention that the product was originally $40 and is now $30 for a limited time only in your description.

Also state that once this item goes out of stock, the price may be increased. What you are doing is creating scarcity, a time limit and a perceived higher price in the mind of the consumer.

This may well be the case because if your item starts selling well you might increase the price later.

Secret 7 Specifications
Itemize exactly what is included in the package that the user will receive.

For example, state that there is a garlic press, instructions and a free spatula included in every box. Give them the exact size and weight of the product here too, since they may be looking at your description to find out these details.

It doesn’t hurt to let them know exactly what they’ll be getting in this section.

Products for 2021 & Products to Avoid…

Woohoo! It is a New Year and a fresh chance to launch new products on Amazon. Before you commit to a new product – make sure to avoid problem products!

In this article we are going to cover the top seven types of product you should avoid selling on Amazon.

Tip 1 Electronics

There’s a lot that can go wrong with any electronic product.

They also need special certificates for customs. Avoid any product with a battery or a circuit when first starting your Amazon business.

Only if you are an electrical engineer and have a lot of experience in this sector – then maybe you can consider it. But for new sellers or new products – electronics is a super hard and competitive niche.


How to Write the Best Features For Your Amazon Listing

Amazon’s search algorithm uses your main title, features, back end search terms & description to understand your product and index you for keywords.

The title is the most important but the features on your listing also play a huge part in the search algorithm!

In this article we cover the top 7 tips for writing great features for your Amazon product listing.

Tip 1 Keyword Research

The most important part of your listing is the keywords you use.

If you miss out the main keywords, customers won’t be able to find your product. Include 5 to 10 of your main keywords spread throughout your five features. Make sure the language sounds natural so it doesn’t feel like it’s stuffed with keywords.


How To SUPER Optimize Your Amazon Listing

Imagine 1000 people visit your product.

If 10% buy, you sell 100 units.
But if 20% buy you sell 200 units.

A simple change to your listing can result in DOUBLE PROFITS and DOUBLE sales.

In this article we will cover the Top Tips on the most important ways you can optimize your Amazon listing.

Tip 1 Keywords
The most important part of your listing is the keywords you use in the title, features, description and backend.

Spend a few hours on each listing to develop a list of the highest volume relevant keywords. Check your competitors listings, use Google keyword tool, and use the keyword suggestion in cash cow pro to build a list of potential keywords.

Make sure to filter only relevant keywords that match the product you are selling.

Keywords are the most important tool to optimize your listing because users find your product by searching the Amazon website or Google.

Tip 2 Title
Now that you have the top keywords for your product, try and include 3 or 4 of them in your title, while still keeping it easy to read.

You also want to highlight the most important benefit for your user in the title. For example, a normal title might be: iPhone 6 protective case Made of PC. Whereas an optimized title might be: iPhone 6 Case Designed with anti-scratch material and anti-drop protection.

I recommend you create four different titles and test each one to see which one generates more profit. You can do this test automatically using cash cow pro.

Tip 3 Photos
I recommend sending your product to a professional photographer who can create high quality, high resolution images for you.

After a user searches for a product, the first thing they see is the product image and title. That’s what they use to decide which items they will investigate further.

You want your image to be as professional, clear, and high quality as possible. Minimize the white space around the image, show the product in action and have 10+ different high-resolution images showing all the benefits.

Tip 4 Features
Read the reviews of your top five competitors and check out the 1-star, 2-star and 3-star reviews about the product.

You want to make sure you cover any of the potential issues raised in your features and description. Also review their benefits listed in their features and description.

By consolidating all the benefits from several competitors, your listing will be the most appealing of all the similar products being sold on Amazon.

Tip 5 Description
In your description, make sure to go into detail about the benefits of the product for the user, and end it with a call to action such as add to cart and buy now.

Descriptions can be 1000 or more characters giving you the space to cover any additional features and benefits you didn’t mention in the five-feature bullets. You should also use any additional keywords you haven’t used previously here.

Tip 6 Backend Search Terms
This is your chance to use all the different keywords you found during your research and insert them into your listing.

In this section Amazon is asking you to tell it what uses this product relates to and which terms people might use to find it. Starting with the highest volume keyword, add as many keywords as you can into the space provided by Amazon.

Tip 7 Price
You need to test your price to see which is the most profitable.
You can do this automatically with cash cow pro.

Selling 1000 units at $15 might be more profitable than selling 1200 at $12.50. It depends on your Amazon FBA fees and landed costs.

Make sure you optimize these seven key factors for everything you sell on Amazon. They will have the most impact on your sales in the fastest time possible.

Should You Sell on Amazon in 2021?

Amazon is still growing super fast. It is a huge marketplace with more new products every week. In this article we cover the top 7 reasons why you should sell your products on Amazon in 2021.

Reason 1 Start with 1 or 1000 Products

You can start selling on Amazon with one used product from your home.

By the end of today you could have already made your first sale. There’s no other business where you can get going so fast.

So whether you start with just 100 units of your own product or search retailers for discounted goods to sell, by the end of the week you could be in business.


How to Use Amazon PPC to Rank

Sales velocity is one of the most important factors for ranking your product. Amazon Advertising can help drive sales hence improving your product ranking too. In this article we are going to cover the top 7 tips for setting up your Amazon pay per click campaign.

Tip 1 Amazon Pay Per Click

The same team who built the Amazon search engine also built the Amazon pay per click engine. It’s not the same as Google. Amazon’s campaigns work using relevancy.

For example, if you use the keyword men’s gift in your pay per click campaign, unless it’s included on your listing you will get very few impressions.


Amazon FBA Keyword Research Top 7 Tips

Keywords are the heart of your listing. Everything from search rank to ad performance is based on keywords. It is worth taking the extra time to do deep research for your products and listings.

In this article we cover the top 7 tips on doing keyword research for the products you sell on Amazon.

Tip 1 Competitors

The first place to start your keyword research is to take your competitors URL link and add it into the Google keyword tool.

Google will then show you all the keywords your competitors are using. Add these words to your keyword list.


How To Optimize Amazon Advertising & PPC

Amazon Advertising is very powerful when done right. Not only can it result in more sales and profits from the ads themselves – but it can also boost your organic ranking.

In this article we cover the top 7 tips on ways to boost your Amazon pay per click results.

Tip 1 Start with an Auto Campaign

If you haven’t already done so, set up an automatic pay per click campaign on Amazon.

Amazon will suggest the best keywords to use for your product. It may surprise you some of the keywords that Amazon recommends for your item. 


Optimizing Your Amazon Product Listing Search Terms

Customers come to Amazon and use keywords to find your products. That’s why including the RIGHT KEYWORDS in your search terms is super important and can massively impact your sales. In this article we cover the top 7 tips for boosting your sales using search terms in the backend of your listing.

Tip 1 1000 Characters

Amazon currently lets you input five sets of search terms that customers might use to find your product.

Each one of these can include up to 1000 characters of text.

You can include phrases, individual words, or strings of keywords in a row in each slot during the listing set up.

For example, if your main keywords are water bottle, BPA free bottle and non-BPA bottle you can include these one after the other in a string, such as water bottle BPA free bottle non-BPA bottle.


How to Start Selling on Amazon FBA with $1000

You have heard selling on Amazon is a great opportunity. It doesn’t have to cost a lot to get started. In this article we cover the 7 steps you need to take to start your business with $1000.

You can also use Unicorn Smasher 100% FREE to start finding product ideas.

Step 1 Multiple Channels

There are many different ways to get started as a seller on Amazon today.

You can send in products that you have around your house for resale. From used books to used barbecue equipment, Amazon sells billions of different items and there are people looking for new and used items in every category.


How to Grow Your Amazon FBA Business

Selling more of your product is 1 way to grow. But there are lots of other ways to increase your business and profits. In this article we cover our top tips on how to grow your Amazon business.

Tip 1 More Products

If you’re selling 2 items on Amazon the easiest way to double your profits is to add 2 more new items.

Having four items also stabilizes your sales because some may be seasonal. Either save the money from your profits or find another way to get cash to buy new products.

Now your profits will be split roughly 25% from each product. You are less affected by a slowdown in sales of 1 item.


Getting MORE Reviews on Amazon FBA

Reviews are a critical factor in the Amazon Ranking Algorithm & also in customers buying decisions.

The more positive reviews you have – the more likely it is Amazon will show your product on page 1. And your conversion rate will be higher too!

I highly recommend launching promotions on AMZ Tracker & Vipon – to maximize your chance of getting more reviews. In this article we also cover our other top tips on how to get more reviews for the things you sell on Amazon.

Tip 1 Use a Feedback Service

There are several great automatic email services that send a message to your buyer straight after they buy your product or after it has been delivered.

Set up a series of emails to inform the customer the goods are shipped, to ask if there are any problems, and to ask if they are happy to give feedback. It’s more important to prevent negative reviews than to focus on getting as many reviews as possible.


Amazon FBA Domination Strategies

Do you want to know the top strategies big sellers are using?

In this article we cover the top insider strategies for selling on Amazon.

Tip 1 Bundle Products Together

Add extra inexpensive products to your listing to increase the perceived value of your product.

For example, if you’re selling a garlic press you can throw in a free kitchen spatula for less than $.50. By offering more than your competition you’re more likely to get the sale.

Choose items that are small and light so they don’t increase your freight and FBA fees too much.


How To Increase Cash Flow & Profits on Amazon FBA

At the end of the day – you started your business to make money. If you do not make profit – then all the effort results in no return for you.

In this article we cover some ways you can make your cash stretch further to help your business grow.

Tip 1 Start Small and Cycle

Start with a small order of 100 to 500 units and do all the marketing possible to sell these units. Once you’ve sold them, you can reinvest into an order twice the size, and then cycle and repeat. That way you can turn a small $2000 investment into $10,000 or more of stock that you are selling each month.

You might be starting out with only a small amount of capital, but there are several ways to boost your cash flow and profits that will allow you to scale faster.

Make sure you find the time to optimize your product and listing, and within a few months it can become a decent profit center. If you only place small trial orders for every new item, you minimize how much cash you need and also greatly reduce your risk.

This will slow down your long-term growth, but will also prevent big mistakes from buying too much of a bad product.

Tip 2 Just In Time Stock

If you are manufacturing in China and it takes 60 days to make your product and ship it, you’re going to need at least 120 days of stock on order at any one time. If you have 60 days worth of stock in Amazon, you have to reorder because just as the stock in Amazon runs out your new order should arrive.

If you are selling 20 units a day that means you have to have enough money for 2400 units at a time. But, if your lead time and freight were only 30 days, you would only need 600 units in stock and 600 units on reorder.

You can use cash cow pro’s built-in calculator to see how lead time affects the investment and your returns.

Your production lead time can make or kill your business.

Tip 3 Freight

If you ship by air it might take 7 days for your product to arrive, whereas by sea you could wait 30 days or more.

If you’re getting low on stock, using air freight means you can order less each time and get into Amazon quickly. If your products have to go by sea because they are large and heavy, you need to buy more and there’s a higher risk of running out of stock.

To reduce the amount of cash you have tied up in products, try to go for light, small items that you can restock in small quantities.

Tip 4 Supplier Credit

A great way to boost your cash flow is to request credit or better payment terms from a supplier you’ve used for a few orders.

Instead of paying a 30% deposit they may let you pay before shipment, or if you have a very good relationship they may only request payment after delivery. If you’ve been dealing with the supplier for more than a year you might be able to stretch it out to 30 or 90 days payment terms.

That means you could sell the product before you even owe them the money.

Tip 5 Freight Payment

Freight costs can add up.

Some factories are willing to pay this on your behalf provided that you pay them after delivery. Usually they won’t do this on the first order, but from the second order onwards this could help you free up cash.

Tip 6 Credit Card

There are a lot of different expenses involved in the Amazon business, from pay per click to paying for software subscription fees.

Get a credit card that lets you pay as late as possible without interest. Basically you’ll use it to finance part of your cost,  interest-free, adding 15 to 30 days or more to the date when you owe the money.

Tip 7 Lower Cost Products with High Margin

Your cash is dependent upon your product margin.

If your product costs one dollar and sells for $20, you will have a lot of spare cash because you don’t need to reinvest much to reorder. But if your product costs nine dollars and sells for $20 most of the money that you made will go back to reorders.

The larger your margin the higher your cash balance will be. Do everything you can to negotiate the price down, and bundle products to increase the value of your item.

How To Develop A New Product in Seven Days

In this article we cover your first seven days of your Amazon business, and what you need to do to get going. If you are selling already you can use this as a template for launching your next product.

Your goal for the week is to have samples of the product you are going to order on their way to you.

Day 1 Product Research

Amazon is constantly changing.

A product that was excellent last month could suddenly have 10 aggressive new competitors this month. A niche becomes hot and everyone floods in.

That’s why you need to do your product research quickly and get the product into Amazon to test it in the minimum time possible, because sometimes you only have a few months’ window when sales are strong and competition is low.


How To Leverage Influencers To Boost Sales

Following on from our Pinterest article last week – how can you reach even more influencers?

Everyone wants to be an influencer these days. But it is hard to go from 0 to 100,000 followers. The competition has increased.

So how do you get your product in front of millions of followers?

The best way is to work with people who already have big followings. In this article we cover the top 7 tips for reaching social media influencers about your Amazon business.

Tip 1 Keep it Personal

Whichever channel you target, remember that influencers get hundreds of emails a week asking them to promote people’s products.

They get constant spam. A lot of the messages are canned templates. You can make your message stand out by tailoring it to the specific person you are contacting and by referencing some of the material they posted in the past that you enjoyed.


Using Pinterest to Promote Your Products For Amazon FBA

Pinterest has millions of visitors a day. And the images in Pinterest often show up near the top of google.

So how can you leverage this platform to grow your business? In this article we cover the Top 7 Tips for posting Amazon product details on Pinterest.

Tip 1 Consistent Posts

As with any social media platform, you need to consistently add new content that is interesting and relevant to your broader market.

Aim to add 5 to 10 pins spread evenly throughout the week.

If you only post a few images you cannot expect much results. Commit to posting over a period of 10 to 15 weeks then see how your results are doing.

Evey extra visitor from Pinterest to Amazon is going to help your Organic Amazon Ranking also.


Amazon Success, One Day At A Time

Big tasks become much simpler if you break them into smaller steps. Managing an Amazon business involves doing many different things from marketing to developing new products.

So how can you make sure you do everything you need to – and still make a decent profit? Break the work down into daily tasks during the week.

If you already have products on Amazon, we have the perfect weekly schedule for you. If you are still sourcing your first product – focus 100% on getting the first product ready – then follow this simple plan to manage your business.

Monday – Performance Day

To know where things are going right and where things are going wrong – you need to review your business performance in detail

Every Monday morning go through all your SKUs sales and profits and check how they’re doing, from conversion rates to keyword position. You can check all of these metrics using software like AMZ Tracker or Tracker M.

For each SKU check the sales over the last seven days, the refunds, stock levels, and do a quick review of the competition.

Designating a fixed day for a particular task means you can systematize your Amazon business and grow faster.

Tip 2 Tuesday – New product day

Do some research for new potential items, even if you don’t have the cash to add them now. Looking at other listings and products will teach you how to optimize your listing and give you ideas for better niches in the future.

Keep adding new product ideas to a list and begin to action quotes and development for those items.

Tip 3 Wednesday – Sourcing day / Supplier Day

For the products on your list, check to get a quick idea of the price. For the top three items, start reaching out to suppliers and getting accurate quotes, material options and samples.

Even if you’re still doing your first product, this planning could help you future-proof your business. So if your niche becomes too competitive, or you’re doing well and want to expand, you’ll have items 2,3 and 4 ready to go so you can get up to speed quickly.

You can also use this day to work with your existing suppliers on improving your products. From packaging to materials – there is always something you can make better that will result in more long term profits and sales.

Tip 4 Thursday – Pay per click day

Optimizing pay per click will also boost your organic rankings. Take the time to download all the reports, and review the impressions, conversions and sales for every keyword. 

Advertising can also massively boost your organic ranking so it is worth taking the time to optimize it.

Tip 5 Friday – Extra marketing day

Marketing is the cornerstone to winning on Amazon after you have launched your product. You cannot just expect the product to sell itself – so the more marketing you do – the better results you will have.

Even if you’ve just launched one product, set aside one day a week to lay the foundation for marketing off-Amazon. If you do this systematically every week you’ll start to see great results within a few weeks.

Think about extra marketing you can do to boost sales and put it into action ASAP.

Tip 6 Saturday or Sunday – Study day.

The only way to win long-term on Amazon is to continually study. Check out the AMZ Tracker YouTube channel for more tips and guidance. Once every month, do a detailed review of your Amazon business – and take a day or 2 to plan out your main tasks for the upcoming month also.

How To Optimize Your Amazon Product Photos

The first thing a customer sees when they are searching for a product is your main product photo. A great main image will entice buyers to click on your product and eventually to buy it also.

A great image could increase your conversion rate by 2x or even 5x or more – so investing your time, effort and some money to have a great product photo can massively impact your business.

In this article we’re going to cover the top tips on how to optimize your Amazon photos.

Tip 1 Review your Competitors’ Photos

Head over to Amazon and search for the niche you are interested in. Check out the top 10 competitors’ photos.